Scientific Name, Epinotia aporema [TAX]. Lineage, cellular organisms; Eukaryota; Opisthokonta; Metazoa; Eumetazoa; Bilateria; Protostomia;. Epinotia aporema granulovirus (EpapGV) is a fast killing betabaculovirus that infects the bean shoot borer (E. aporema) and is a promising. A granulovirus (GV) isolated from Epinotia aporema (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)—a major soybean pest—was studied in terms of its main.

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Soybean production in southern South America has increased dramatically.

Last updated August Likewise, the probability of mating is expected to increase as the calling period within the scotophase is lengthened.

The female posture during calling was clearly different from the normal resting position.

Multiplex PCR and quality control of Epinotia aporema granulovirus production.

J Chem Ecol Female genitalia are characterized by a pair of rounded pockets on sternum VII and a large rounded corpus bursae with two signa. Material and Methods Insects. N Z Plant Protect Temporal pattern of female calling and mating. Five specimens were collected in Brownsville, Texas in and possibly others in Effects of different host-plant species on growth, development and feeding of the bud borer, Epinotia aporema Lepidoptera: An Soc Entomol Brasil Our data will be used to optimize the collection of female sex pheromones for chemical characterization in order to develop a monitoring tool for this pest.

While two related tortricids, P.

Toxicity of Bacillus thuringiensis delta-endotoxins against bean shoot borer Epinotia aporema Wals. In most cases it was possible to observe the putative pheromone gland extruded from the tip of the abdomen Fig 1.

Crocidosema aporema completes generations per year, with at least two generations occuring on soybean.

Adult Recognition

Considering the number of entrances to the calling female and control arms, the males preferred the former, entering an average of 3. New York, Academic Press, p.

Indeed, the description of the time pattern of pheromone emission will facilitate the collection and chemical characterization of the sex pheromones by dissections of the glands during the peak of female calling h into apormea scotophase. Both males and females increase their flight activity upon the onset of the scotophase, and quickly return to quiescence at the beginning of the photophase. Characterization of a granulovirus isolated from Epinotia aporema Wals.

Multiplex PCR and quality control of Epinotia aporema granulovirus production.

The Brazilian culture was obtained from individuals collected in Fazenda Rio Grande Parana and the Uruguayan insects were originally collected in La Estanzuela Colonia. Finally, it is noteworthy that these studies were conducted independently with two populations from distant locations.

Crocidosema epibotia originated in Costa Rica, and is now widely distributed throughout South America. Crocidosema aporema Walsingham Tortricidae: Such variation may respond to various predictable ecological zporema, to which different species are adapted.

Factsheet – Crocidosema aporema

Identical glass tubes were attached to each of the test arms, one holding a single virgin female in epinottia posture days old and the other empty to serve as control arms were alternated between tests. Epinotia aporema granulovirus EpapGV is a baculovirus that affects E. Half of the males did not move from their original tubes, and were not taken into consideration.

Male genitalia are characterized epinptia a short triangular uncuslarge triangular sociiand a parallel-sided cucullus. Ann Entomol Soc Am The bean shoot borer, Epinotia aporema Lep. Tortricidae in apple orchards treated with sex pheromone.

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